Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well, it's done!!

Well, I did it! After years of indecisiveness, I finally surrendered to my overwhelming desire to spend money and signed up to sell Stampin' Up!

How does this relate to my overwhelming desire to spend money, you ask? Well, I am quite sure that all of my profit (and more) will be going directly back to Stampin' Up. *Sigh* There's no sense in pretending. I know myself. I have a problem.

So, you can help me in my recovery! Be a good samaritan and book a party! I understand if you live 800 miles from me. That isn't a problem at all! Just give me your order and I will gladly use it as a step in my recovery. We'll both benefit! You'll get some awesome products and I'll be on my road to healing!! :)

Wish me luck! :)


Michelle said...

hi wendy..congrads and welcome to a demo's life! ..its all fun..and wonderful..and just think..now you can spend your profits and stay out of the household budget....(well.not really..but its a nice thought!
Best of luck!

Jennifer Talley said...

Congratulations and welcome to the family! You are going to love being an SU! demo!