Sunday, November 24, 2013

One craft fair down, three to go!

My first craft fair of the year was a pretty good success. To be honest, I wasn't expecting to sell much. I ended up making a nice little chunk. Even though this was a very small event it was a good starting point. I have a better idea of what might sell well and how to better display my items. Space was tight so I couldn't display things quite the way I would have liked. Here are some pictures from the day.

Eventually I will get around to making individual posts about some of the items I am selling. :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Slowly but surely

I am very slowly getting my craft fair work done. It has not been easy. Between working, homeschooling, cleaning, and trying to keep my sanity I have gotten a little bit done at a time. This is crunch time though. My first craft fair is Saturday. I actually have a lot of work to do. I don't have any one project completely finished. o.0

I am making cards, gift card holders, chapstick holders, cocoa sleeves, gift bags and toppers, mason jar Christmas scenes, notebooks, magnets, ornaments, and a few other things. I hope I can get a decent amount of each project done, but we'll see, lol.

I will post pics of each project as I finish them.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Outlet cover

I made this outlet cover a long time ago and posted it on an old blog of mine. Today while trying to think of craft fair ideas I remembered it and wanted to put it here so I could pin it on my Pinterest board. It was very easy to make and looks super cute. The possibilities are endless for the image on front. I am going to try using some Stampin' Up paper and stamps.

I made this one by painting a thin piece of wood with black craft paint and then stamping the image with red craft paint. I added the little crystal embellishments to the lights. Then I super glued the outlet cover to the back.

Cute and easy!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stampin' Up!

Stampin' Up was running a great promo recently to become a demonstrator. You could sign up for $25. I was a demonstrator a few years ago but wasn't able to keep up with it. I decided it might be fun to get back into it. I am mainly interested in being a hobby demo, which means I am really only signing up to buy stuff for my own hobby. :) I have a few friends who like to scrap too, so I will help them of course. I'm excited to get back to scrapping and crafting.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Another great vacation!

With a few exceptions (to be detailed later), we had an amazing vacation. We all had lots of fun and even a little relaxation. Just a little though. :)

Our trip had a rough start. About a half an hour into our drive our van started acting up. DH thought it might be a spark plug so we stopped at Walmart and he changed them. Unfortunately that wasn't the problem. The van gave up the ghost and stranded us in a parking lot at 1am. We had to call our mechanic to schedule a tow and then a cab to get us to a rental car company. The cab took us to the airport but we got there just as all the car rental companies were closing. >.<

Our cab driver took us to a hotel to see if they would let us sit in the lobby until 4:30. I am so grateful to the woman at Double Tree Hilton hotel. She was so super sweet and let us hang out there and even told us to go further down the lobby and there would be some couches we could try and get some sleep on. Then she brought us cookies! I'm pretty sure she is an angel. :) I regret that I didn't get her name. I was so out of it that I never even thought to ask. We ended up having to wait until 6am for the rental company we were going to use to open. We rented a van and very sleepily loaded it up.

So, the trip down was uneventful after that, other than continuous rain. Not a sprinkle either. A downpour almost the entire time. The rain didn't let up until we crossed into Florida. Finally, it tapered off and we got to our hotel in dry weather.

We had intended to spend a day in Orlando before moving on to Disney World. Our broken van changed those plans. We stayed in a little roadside hotel after we got into town. We didn't get much sleep, but it was nice to be so close to Disney. We spent our first day in Magic Kingdom.

We had spotty rain the first few days of the trip, which was ok. The second day of our trip was a complete wash out. We got out in it though. We spent too much on our vacation to give up a day. We wore our ponchos and spent a lot of time inside attractions. We chose to go to Epcot since it has quite a bit of indoor things for you to do. We rode the Figment ride for the first time. Super cute. I didn't take my camera that day because of the yucky weather. I should have, but I didn't think about all the inside stuff we would be doing. Oh well. :/ luckily the days got drier as they went on.

Our third day we spent in Hollywood Studios. I love that park! We tried some new cupcakes, saw some funny performers on the street, I rode my favorite ride (Tower of Terror), and we got some great character pictures.

Day 4 was Animal Kingdom. This is our least favorite park, but we still like it. I finally got to watch the Lion King show. It was absolutely amazing! I would to to AK just for that show!!

What day am I on now? For day 5 we went back to Hollywood Studios. Colson loved the Indiana Jones show, which kind of surprised me. He doesn't like loud noises and this had a lot. He really got into it. He was even upset that he didn't get to be an "extra". :)

Day 6 was back to Magic Kingdom.

Our next to last day, number 7, was spent at Hollywood Studios. I really do like that park. :D

Day 8 was our last day. We went to Epcot in the morning to snack at Food & Wine festival. That evening we went to Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Colson wore his Sackboy costume. Cast members kept asking if he was a zipper. -_-

The drive home was much better than the drive down; except for locking they keys in the van while at a gas station in Georgetown, KY. Luckily some local guys were able to help us out. We were utterly exhausted, but it was a great vacation. I can't wait for the next one!!