Friday, November 21, 2014

Skylanders Party

Two years ago my son had a Skylanders themed birthday party. I am just now getting around to posting pictures on my blog. :) I can't believe it's been two years!

This is the food/favor table. There are white chocolate covered pretzel rods (Tree-Rex laser arms), smashed sheep cookies, TNT candy (Boomer), Fireball candy (Hot Head), Pop Rocks (Crusher), and treasure chest favor boxes.

I made the cake with buttercream frosting tinted to match the Skylanders Giants colors. The bottom is covered in grey sugar crystals.

I used a flower cookie cutter to make the shape of the smashed sheep. I then decorated them with royal icing.

Close-up of the food.

Another close-up.

Treasure chest pinata. I think I found it at Hobby Lobby.

Sheep toss game. I drew the chompy and cut out his mouth. I made the bean bags with the heads of the sheep.

This is a game based on the character Wrecking Ball. The kids all got sticky hands and they had to see who could pick up the most pony beads.

Maybe in another two years I'll get around to posting his Minecraft 7th birthday party! :)