Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's about that time!

Christmas is just around the corner and I desperately want to get a jump on things. I am planning on crafting a lot of gifts this year so I really should get started....two months ago.


In the meantime here is a compilation of some ah-mazing ideas I've found on Pinterest. I would love to try them all but I am quite certain I will be lucky just to get the tree up this year.

I have been looking for a cute bell wreath so I can make this wall decoration. I will probably find it the day after Christmas.


I've had this idea pinned forever now. I'm sure I have enough buttons stored up. The original link wasn't with this pin. Sorry about that. It looks relatively easy to figure out though.

Here is another pin without a link. I've seen this idea lots of places though. I love anything that is a memory keeper. This would be so cute to look back on each year. Especially when your children are grown.

I love primitive country! This project is quick and super cute. I may actually be able to make some of these this year!


This craft is great because you probably have all the materials on hand.


And time for one more. I am definitely going to try and make one of these ornaments this year. We took a vacation to Disney World this year and this would be perfect for the tree.

So these are a few of the many ideas I have pinned to my Christmas board. I would love to be able to make them all but I am rooted in just enough reality to know that I might be able to make three, tops. You never know though. I might just pull off a little Christmas miracle and make four. :D

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Disney: The Sequel

Last September we took our first trip to Disney world. It was Ah-mazing! We weren't sure we were going to go back this year because of some family issues, but we finally broke down and decided to go for round two! This year we will be going in November instead of September. I am very excited to see the Christmas decorations and lights. I'm not a fan of the cooler weather, but my DH sure is! So while I cruise the DIS boards getting all pumped up for our trip, I find that I am longing to post food pictures. I have no idea why. They are great to look at and I want to post some of my own. Since I'm not really sure how to do it on there, I am going to do it here! :)

The first two are the desserts we ordered from The Coral Reef restaurant at Epcot. Mine was delicious. It was a kind of lava cake w/ a raspberry sorbet. Very yummy. DH had a key lime mousse, I think. It said it was ok. Not bad, not great. He said that about a lot of things though. He raved over Casey's hotdogs. Go figure. The last pic is my DH eating his Pistachio cupcake from Cookes & Dublin (I will have to double check the name). He did like that. :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Christmas/Valentine Wreath

Here is another Pinterest inspired wreath. I switched out "Joy" for "Love" to make it a little more Valentine-y. :)
All materials, except for the stars were bought at Hobby Lobby. The stars came from Target (I think). I alternated red and white tulle and knotted each bunch. There is no need to glue it if your knots hold everything in place. I did glue the stars though. The pom pom bunches I poked into the foam base of the wreath.

Spring Wreath

I got the idea for this wreath on Pinterest. If you do a keyword search for "wreath" you will find an endless parade of ideas!

I bought all the material for this wreath at JoAnn's. You just wrap the yarn and secure it at each color change. Then I hot glued the flower and feathers on. Easy-peasy.

Monday, January 30, 2012