Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Minecraft Party

My son's 7th birthday party was Minecraft themed.

 I had this made at Kroger. I should have done it myself, but I just ran out of time. I wish they had made it greener.

 Green poster board and black construction paper.

The buckets were from the Target $1 section, I believe. I used a sharpie to make the creeper face. I printed the TNT from a website (I'll try and find a link). I made the "diamond" bags and printed the image from Google. All together the favor buckets consisted of:

TNT box with candy inside
Hershey kiss "diamond" bags
TNT poppers
Green Playdoh
Personalized creeper bookmark

The games we played were:

Ghast shoot out - I put 3 weighted helium balloons on the floor and the kids used little nerf guns to try and shoot them. Below is a terrible picture, but it shows how I sharpie-d the balloons to look like ghasts.

Pin the tail on the piggie - I made a pixelated pig out of contruction paper and cut little strips for his tail. The picture below isn't terribly helpful, but hopefully it gives you the general idea. :D

Creeper toss - I made a creeper head out of a cardboard box and green duct tape. I made 3 little green bean bags. The kids tossed them at the creeper head. There were cut outs for they eyes and mouth.

The cupcakes were chocolate with white icing and bit-sized Twizzlers; to look like "cake" from the game.

I wasn't able to take a ton of pictures unfortunately. It was a busy party. :)