Monday, March 2, 2009

Creator - A God who answers prayer!

I decided to do an 8x8 scrapbook page for this challenge in addition to the ATC. (I'm determined to make a whole set!)

I used twine to attach the buttons and create a sort of border along the edge of the picture. I added the circle phrase to the top button so that I could tie in my theme of a Creator who blesses us and hears our prayers.

When I think about God as our creator and how He loves us so much that He created the whole world for us, I think about my son. I am so grateful for him! We didn't think we could even have kids, and then Colson came along!

After praying for seven years to blessed with children, I figured that God did not intend for us to be parents. I wasn't terribly upset. I reminded myself that God works everything for our good. I just thought that my good did not include children. Within a few months I found out I was pregnant!!

We haven't stopped rejoicing since!!

I am so thankful for a creator who loves us and doesn't stop blessing us! Even in spite of ourselves!!


Heidi said...

What a great sentiment for this LO!

julia said...

He's so cute! You have been blessed. And you are inspiring. We, too, struggled with infertility, but I was kicking and screaming and doubting the whole way. Despite that, God blessed us with a biological daughter (almost 12 now) and we were able to adopt our son (9 next month). I wish I could have been more accepting during that journey.