Monday, March 2, 2009


To think, that so many people wonder where God is. He's so close! You don't have to look far! He's as close as your own cells!

The "glue" of our cells. The very thing that holds us together, literally, forms the shape of ultimate love!! The cross that Jesus died on, so that we could have eternal life!

Check out this video for a better explanation:

I've read arguments against this presentation. I mean really bitter people doing their best to bash the faith of believers. My thoughts are, if you believe in something, then believe. It's as simple as that. You don't have to explain everything in order to believe.

For example, I know that the brakes of my car work to slow the car down and eventually bring it to a stop. I don't have to go to school and become a mechanic in order to know that I have brakes and what they are for. I have faith that they are there. I've never seen them, but they are there. I trust that when I tap my brake pedal my car will stop. That's it. I don't need cynics or believers to convince me either way. I tried my brakes and they worked! I trusted God and He has always been there! In the really bad times He's been my rest and in the (many) great times He's been my joy!

I have faith that there is a God. Faith. And that's ALL I need. Granted, I have come across plenty of proof in my life and studies, but it's circumstantial. If I didn't have one single fact to back up my faith, it wouldn't make a difference.

Some say that faith is ignorance and a desperate attempt to explain the unexplainable. Why does it matter? Every time a Christian believes does an atheist lose a brain cell? It's curious that people are so threatened by the faith of Christians.

I say that faith is hope, and who doesn't need a little hope in their lives?

If atheists are entitled to their beliefs, then I am certainly entitled to mine. When it's my time to die it won't matter if I argued with self-righteous atheists, it won't matter if people thought my beliefs were foolish. All that will matter, it that I was right. Because if I'm not it won't matter for anything! But if I am, then how unfortunate it will be to have been an atheist!

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