Saturday, October 16, 2010

Worry Dolls

Many years ago while on a school field trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum I had the chance to get a little something from the gift shop. At my age that was the biggest thrill of the trip. :) So as I looked around I saw the cutest little fabric bag. It had a label that read "Trouble Dolls". Inside the little bag were about 8 tiny little dolls dressed in floss and fabric. I loved them! It was so interesting to me to learn about the Guatemalan tradition of taking a doll and telling it one of your worries and then placing it under your pillow when you lay down for bed. Then in the night the little doll would carry your troubles away. I thought it was just the neatest thing. I kept that little bag of dolls for years. As a matter of fact I think I may still have it packed away somewhere.

So, this year I decided to research and find out if I could make some of my own to give out at our Halloween party as favors. Luckily there was no shortage of sites with instructions and background stories. Here is the blog I found most helpful:

It was surprisingly easy to make. After making one I think that it would be just as easy to personalize or embellish them even. So, for the next few weeks that is what I will be doing. Wrapping floss around toothpicks. :)

What I also discovered was a great way to link these dolls back to an awesome lesson in the bible.

1 Peter 5:7 says:
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

What a wonderful hope to have! No matter what we are facing, God cares for us and He wants to carry our burdens!

I know these dolls aren't intended to teach biblical principles but I think that this verse fits them perfectly. So hopefully this Halloween I can share with my friends and family a little hope and a lot of love! :)

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