Saturday, October 2, 2010

World Card Making Day

I've been seeing people post about this day for a while now but I completely forgot about it! It's funny how there is a holiday for everything now! This one I can appreciate though! So, while I go work on a card to post :), here's a list of other "interesting days you can celebrate in October!

October 2
Change a light day
Phileas Fogg's wager day
Techie's day
World farm animals day

October 6
Mad Hatter day

October 8
Lee's national denim day
National Pierogy day

October 9
National Pro-Life cupcake day
World post day

October 10
National cake decorating day
Clergy appreciation day

October 11
National kick butt day

October 12
International moment of frustration scream day
Free thought day
National face your fears day

October 13
International top spinning day
National bring your teddy bear to work/school day

October 14
Be bald and free day

October 15
Mammography day ** Let's all honor this one!
National grouch day

October 16
Dictionary day

October 18
National chocolate cupcake day

October 19
Evaluate your life day
Pro-Life day of silent solidarity

October 21
Get to know your customers day

October 22
Caps Locks day - I think some people celebrate this every day!!

October 23
Make a difference day

October 24
Mother-in-law day

October 26
Howl at the moon night
Mule day

October 27
Cranky co-workers day

October 28
National chocolates day

October 29
Frankenstein Friday
Internet day

October 30
Checklist day
Create a great funeral day
Haunted refrigerator night
National forgiveness day
International bandanna day
National candy corn day

October 31
Books for treats day
National caramel apple day
National knock-knock jokes day
National magic day
...and of course....
Halloween :)

Now, how many of these are actually celebrated or real, I don't know. I found them on this website: I just thought it was funny. I guess someone, somewhere is always celebrating something! :)

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