Friday, May 13, 2016

Lego Party!

As usual, I found most of the ideas for this party on Pinterest.
The Lego face cups were made using a template I found online and a sharpie. The cake pops were fairly simple. Melting chocolate and black gel icing.The cake pop and sucker holders were made with Styrofoam blocks and card stock. I used some of the Lego confetti I made for the studs.

The large Lego bricks were made out of Styrofoam blocks. We spray painted them and used dollar store play-doh containers for the "studs". The suckers are covered with card stock and minifig heads I printed onto yellow card stock.

The Giant minifigure head was made out of a large cheese ball container. I spray painted it yellow and sharpied on the face with a template.

I made the confetti with various sizes of hole punches and cardstock. The minifig heads on the straws were printed from a template I found online. The background, banner, and a few other decorations I found at Oriental Trading Co.

My hubby made this ramp for the kids to race their Lego cars on. I found the car kits in the Easter department at Target, half price!

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