Monday, June 15, 2009

Scrappractical Storage

I wanted to share a storage idea I came up with recently. In my never-ending quest to make good use out of all the "stuff" that comes along with papercrafting; I am always looking for new storage ideas. Here is a very scrappractical way to reuse Cuttlebug folder packages: I have had a hard time finding proper storage for my EZ mounted stamps. I put my acrylic stamps in a binder on acetate paper. Easy-peasy. The EZ mount stamps (like these TGF stamps) don't stick to acetate. You need a thicker plastic. I was using an old SU stamp set storage case for a while. It was just so bulky.

Then while opening a new cuttlebug folder I had a lightbulb moment. The stamps fit perfectly into the "dip" of the plastic part of the packaging.

Since the plastic part has folds to hold it in place onto the cardstock back it makes a great "sleeve". The cardstock (turned around) also fits the stamp image card.Now when I need these stamps I just grap this package and slide the cardstock up to get what I want. It's also nice because the punch out on top of the cardstock can be used to hang my stamp sets.

I hope I explained this clearly. I am counting on the pictures to do most of the work. You could add paper to the Cuttlebug cardstock to cover the wording. Pretty it up a bit. I decided that I wouldn't bother wasting supplies since this is supposed to help me save money! :)

This may not be a new idea, but I still feel pretty inventive. And frugal! :)